Storytelling to develop literacy

A project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme

Our goals

Our partnership aims at creating multisensory storytelling experiences, which will allow children to learn through visual, kinesthetic and auditory practices. In doing so, we want to contribute to the development of basic literacy skills in pupils aged 5-10 using writing, storytelling and creativity in an inclusive and innovative way.

Contents and pedagogical resources designed for teachers

Our priorities

DEVELOPMENT OF KEY COMPETENCES: Literacy skills are one of the key core competences identified by the European Commission to ensure personal fulfillment, employability, social inclusion and active citizenship.

INCLUSION: Creativity benefits all students, as it fosters inclusion, increases students’ self-confidence, and involves everyone regardless of their difficulties.

SUPPORTING TEACHERS: Creating resources for teachers to implement, as well as giving them the tools to create their own resource will be useful in their overall training.

TACKLING LEARNING DISADVANTAGE: The overarching goal of the project is to increase literacy in early stage education to ensure that pupils develop the competency necessary to move forward int he education system and fully participate in society.

A European partnership

Les Apprimeurs
Scoala Primara EuroEd
Arsakeio Primary School of Patras
Miedzynarodowa Szkola Podstawowa Edukacji Innowacyjnej in Lodz